1979 Hondo 3Point Hydroplane with 581 Dart Norm Grimes Racing NHRA Race Engine

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581 Dart Norm Grimes Racing NHRA Built - 1979 Hondo 3Point Hydroplane. MotoAmerica Pro Superbike Racer & all around Badass Sam Verderico tests his 1979 Hondo 3-Point Hydroplane on the Columbia river, April 25, 2019. The supercharged 581 Dart and Hydroplane was built by Norm Grimes, an NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Legend.

This was a cold spring test on the Columbia River, next to Wenatchee, Washington. Keep in mind, we could certainly die on the cold river due to inexperience with these machines, and no support should we fly overboard. The 581 cubic inch dart block was also not able to reach operating temperatures due to the near freezing Columbia river.

#Hydroplane #NormGrimesRacing Build 581 Dart Supercharged Race Engine. #raceboat
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