Adley’s CAR WASH Gas Station and Spa!! Color Change Cars with Lightning McQueen! Race Day Makeover

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I teach Niko how to be King of the Track with a little help from Lightning McQueen


HEY EVERYBODY!! It's almost Race Day and we need to practice!! My dad and I built a whole practice track for our new Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers!! They can practice and get better at our track but it's a dirt road so after racing there for a while they tend to get a little dirty! Luckily we have our Dinoco Car Wash so that we can wash our new Cars toys after they have had a long hard day of driving! I also built the track so I could show my brother Niko how to race! He loves Cars and he was so excited about this surprise!! We started by practicing on our track then we went to the car wash. We found a cool surprise when we used water to rinse the cars off! They could change colors with hot and cold water!! All of our Cars friends could now have different paint jobs!! We had a blast racing and I think Niko was very happy!!

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