AFTER Colonizing Mars, What's Next For SpaceX & Starship?

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???? Starship might fly for NASA in 2024:
???? Lunar Starship spotted at Boca Chica:
???? ELON UPDATED Starship Mars Timeline:
???? The Pentagon considers investing in Starship:

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0:00 This video is an extension to SpaceX Starship Mars timeline and discusses the next missions of Starship and SpaceX Super Heavy rocket after establishing the famous Elon Musk Mars city and SpaceX colonizing Mars.
2:41 In 2050, SpaceX Mars landing would have become regular thanks to a fleet of at least 1000 Starships. Humans will have adapted to living in SpaceX Mars colony and various Mars bases.
4:11 As SpaceX's Starlink beta user agreement suggests, Mars will have a government independent from earth.
6:15 SpaceX Starship moon lander will enable moon colonization and building large moon cities besides SpaceX colonizing Mars.
7:40 After SpaceX Mars colony becomes self-sustainable, Elon Musk will start sending Starship to Ceres, Venus, and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, until we have colonized the entire solar system.
10:23 In 2100, Elon Musk might indeed merge with Neuralink AI and stays as a holographic advisor for the Mars government.
11:05 After colonizing the outer solar system with Starship, the next step would be to terraform Mars and send out the first crewed interstellar missions.

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