Blaze Race the Skytrack

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Let's play a series of mini-games with Blaze and AJ! Kids can learn about trajectory and practice their color-mixing skills on this special sky mission.

Along with a friend, AJ must participate in the races. To deliver them to the launch site was sent a large transport helicopter. After loading and lifting into the air, the helicopter suddenly fell off the main propeller. With great difficulty the device landed, but the outbreak required repairs. It's time for you to go into the game Blaze And The Monster Machines Race The Skytrack and save the situation. Replace all the damaged parts and go on a journey along the airway, avoiding obstacles, making dizzying stunts during jumps from the springboards. Help the Heroes restore the rainbow path by replacing the colored bricks with new ones. The car will have to fly to collect spare parts for repairing the helicopter and get the propeller flying away.
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