BNGO STOCK Landing JUICY Government Contracts WORLDWIDE? Global RACE for GENOMIC leadership!

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Will Bngo stock land a government contract. The US plan to allocate funds to genomic mapping. Optical mapping technique that Saphyr uses locates structural variations that other traditional techniques miss. Can BNGO stock get government grants and contracts across the world as the global race to be a dominant global leader in genomics spreads across the world.

Bionano genomics has a history of gaining government funding in terms of federal grants and awards especially in a democratic presidency. Hopefully with all the funding being allocated towards genomics will bngo stock be able to gain a government contract? What is BNGO stock price prediction for the week ahead, what is bngo stock forecast in the week ahead? Bionano genomics stock a buy? What is BNGO stock news today, why is bngo stock up today, why is bngo stock down today?

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is for edutainment purposes only :) This is NOT investment advice.

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