Current State of The My Hero Academia Anime is Hot Garbage

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As a long time fan of My Hero Season 5 is easily the worst season of the entire anime. The current state of the MHA Anime is hot garbage. To the countless flashbacks, previously on MHA, Quirk explanations, and even filler. The season has not managed to do one thing all anime should strive "Surpass The Manga". Its not just the fact that My Villain Academia / MVA was skipped / Rearranged that's the problem with this Season. They also spoiled major character interaction by doing the Endeavor Agency Arc first. We should not be seeing Shigaraki's group with the Liberation Front. There's a good way to go about rearranging things and then bad Studio Bones went with the latter.

#RANT #MyHeroAcademia #MVA

Love you all so much thank you for all the support!
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