How to Ramp Thinning Shears When the Teeth Catch

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Sometimes when texturizing shears and thinning shears are sharpened the teeth catch. This is a method to correct the problem of catching teeth that is safer than bending shears. Watch as Bonnie corrects this problem on two shears: An Olivia Garden Thinning Shear and a Centrix texturizing shear. See Bonnie's most hated shear and how she makes it cut.

Tools used in this video are available on the website.
The Magni-wand magnifying glass
DMT Mini Diamond hone

Presented by Bonnie Megowan
Bonnie Megowan is the educator and sharpener with Bonika Shears which is a 30 year old family business owned and operated by the family including Gene her husband who is in charge of sales and Mystie her daughter who is in charge of daily operations. Bonnie is a sought after speaker at hair shows, sharpening conventions and cosmetology schools. She has authored a book, “DIY Care and Repair of Stylist Shears” available in English and Spanish and has produced hundreds of videos on her Youtube channel Bonika Shears. She has trained hundreds of sharpeners both in person and in video chats in all 50 states and dozens of foreign countries.

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