Random Acts of Kindness - Restoring Faith in Humanity 56-Video that Lightens Up Your Mood

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Random Acts of Kindness - Restoring Faith in Humanity

baby towel, yeah
People saving a frieman from drowning during today's flooding catastrophe in Germany
Man Saves a dying bird in desert
Barbers singing to calm the child down
This lady was celebrating her birthday — by herself — until she was joined by other patrons and staff once they realize she's celebrating all alone
Wildlife officer in Denver removing bucket from bear's head
Several bird that had their head stuck in a fence got rescued
Police officer giving some time to help a skunk that have a cup stuck in the head
A man and his cat
The guys found an eagle with heatstroke, and they are soldering it off
Two kids saved from a house on fire by this young man in Morocco
Guy single-handedly solved the flood. Not all heroes wear capes
93 year old WWII veteran that played football for Kansas University in 1948 got a chance to score a touchdown on that field one last time
Nadal saves a kid from getting crushed by fans and comforts him
Removing a fishing hook from a whale’s mouth
One of the most wholesome perks of being a pro
Officer Buys Hat and Gloves for a Woman Caught Shoplifting
Приколы 2020 года смех до слёз
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