Random Genshin Impact Facts 2

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fax. but yea, this took a while to edit since i'm horrible at editing. if you have any facts, feel free to comment it down below :). thanks. oh yea plz like and sub that'd be pretty chill too. if you do, i will give you a funny hat.
LMAO i just realized i used "you're" when i should've used "your" whoops

if you're wondering where i got these facts, most of them are just things i've noticed while playing the game. the rest were inspired by things i was told by my friends or stuff i read on the genshin wiki, which i then tested out myself. i'm sorry if any of these facts overlap with stuff mentioned in other videos since, minus bwaap and redflaim, i don't watch genshin content on youtube. and ultimately, no one owns this kind of stuff, we're just all here to share some interesting things with you guys from a game we love :)

0:00 - Bonus Food
0:38 - SPOILER ALERT "We Will Be Reunited"
1:07 - Zone Effects
1:36 - Weapon Sizes
1:53 - Mondstadt & Liyue Visions
2:33 - Archon Dishes
2:52 - Hu Tao vs. Boars
3:08 - About Zhongli/Morax
3:34 - Childe's Resistances
4:14 - Venti's Vision
4:30 - Energy Recharge
5:30 - Gnosis Chess Pieces
5:59 - Samachurl Swinging
6:15 - Out of Bounds
6:28 - Abyss Mage Shields
6:57 - Challenge Failed, Everyone Died
7:32 - Mona's Sprint Stamina
8:12 - Resistance to Interruption

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