Successful Use of Milking Machines in Buffaloes in Telugu | Dr. Madankumar Vet

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Milking Machines and its use Successfully in Buffaloes, advantages and disadvantages of various stages, and is explained at each step of milking in buffaloes in this Channel Dr. M. Madankumar Vet
I Dr. Madankumar, a Post Graduate Veterinarian( BVSc AH and MVSC) will be explaining How to Get Profits in Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farm Business in Telugu, How to run a Successful Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farm in Telugu, How to Start a Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farm and How to make Profit Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farm Business in my channel Dr. Madankumar Vet.
I also came across some Success Stories of Dairy Farming and Profits in Dairy Farming. I also visited an Ideal Dairy Farm with Organic Milk Production and a Successful Woman Entrepreneur in Dairy Farming. The Success Stories of Buffalo and Cow Dairy farming are many to notice.
I am asked by many Dairy Farmers of Telugu certain questions like How to Start a Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farm in Telugu and How to get Profits in Dairy Farm Business in Telugu.
keeping in view of above, I planned Videos on Practical Tips to get High Profits in Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farming. These will be uploaded periodically in this channel Dr. Madankumar Vet for Technical Information .
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