VERY RARE 1973 XA GT FALCON COUPE - Phase 4 Engine Factory Fitted!

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This 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT Coupe is one super rare 1 of 1 Australian Muscle Car, factory fitted with a real Phase 4 engine that was destined for the ill-fated GTHO Phase 4 production cars that were designed for race homologation before the early 1970s Supercar scare bought it all to a tragic end here in Australia. Ford, General Motors Holden and Chrysler were at war for race track supremacy with Bathurst victory in their sights and each manufacturer was desperate to win this battle at all costs, even if it meant 160mph muscle cars to be sold to the general public in order to qualify for homologation requirements under the regulations.

At Master of Machines, we love cars, in fact, we love anything with wheels or an engine, from American Muscle Cars to Australian Muscle Cars, Race Cars and Classic Cars of all kinds and even Barn Finds. If it's fast, powerful, restored or hidden away in hibernation then we'll cover it, and in most cases, we'll even drive them!
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