What a Load of Ballast! | Ashville Weekly ep004

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This week at Ashville we start demolition on that noisy car YouTuber's house, we begin pouring concrete in the basement salvage project and I'm forced to drive a lorry to collect ballast from a where I get shouted at, told off and ignored!

We also create a new area in the yard, I explain the gap in the fence, we make the office space 'COVID-safe' (as best we can), we get 2 kind drops of protection foam, junior Videographer Will starts, I visit Volvo and finally get to see my lorries in a @carwow drag race!

Thanks to Premier Scaffolding and Alexander Scaffold for tube protection foam.

00:00 - intro
00:41 - MON - residential demolition begins, social distancing precautions, gap in fence
05:52 - TUE - Kubota digger ready, Videographer Will trial
09:10 - WED - transporting Kubota digger to residential build, basement concrete pour, new baby grab bucket, graffiti issue.
19:19 - THU - Halloween spirit, new container area, decorative aggregate
24:00 - FRI - catfishing, fake £20s, quarry for ballast, Volvo visit
35:03 - SAT - concrete pour, CarWow video.
38:19 - outro

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