Why Tyres Failed At The 2020 F1 British Grand Prix

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There's one standardised component that every car on the grid has in common - tyres. Currently made by Pirelli, these rubber cylinders are all that separate these amazing machines from the track, ignoring times when the underside of the car scrapes along the kerb for a fantastic lightshow.

But at the the British GP it seemed like some of them had had enough, as during the final laps of the race we watched multiple front left tyres tear themselves apart, including Hamilton's W11, which he crossed the line on 3 tyres and a metal rim. In our latest tech video Jake Boxall-Legge takes a deeper look into the possible causes for the tyre erupting issue, as well as a handful of updates Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren took to Silverstone for it's first of two races there this year.

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